It’s as ugly as most of you! How does that compare? If you put a Whipple supercharger on the Ford Raptor, it will give it about 180 more HP, which would make it more powerful than the Reaper. [144], In 2014, the MOD decided that its Reaper fleet will be brought into the RAF's core fleet once operations over Afghanistan cease. [159], In January 2018, the Belgian Ministry of Defence reportedly decided on the MQ-9 to fulfill its medium-altitude long-range UAV requirement. They’ve pulled what I’ve needed and done decent on fuel. Your email address will not be published. They were hired by the companies to make them. so ya basically ford got the shaft!!!!!!!!!! Now, 4 years after Ford introduced the Raptor, Chevy has decided to come to the table and here we are debating if government bailed out Chevy has a better truck than Ford. So I dont see how chevy is copying the ford design at all because the two trucks are based off of their two mainline truck designs. The raptor is a rpoven, very well balanced truck, but has the power disadvantage. Do you honestly think Ford couldnt throw the same power? The Ford really looks like they actually took their time with every single detail. Put the wrench time in do sum body work u can build your own amazing machine that could out perform both of them and look way better than eather. It’s not going to hold up if it really gets pushed hard. Hennessy makes a supercharger kit for the raptor that puts out 800hp . The Reapers are a beautiful sexy ass truck. Chevy is Garbage all u get out of gm is fucking Garbage I bought two new vehicals drive like shit there good for one thing takeing it too the Scrapyard,……… Gm should stop making vehicals totally gm sucks and all there dealers and service people who work there should lose there jobs too no one would care they deserve every bit of it, All the but hurt Chevy fans here… Lol. I myself favor Chevys but over the pad few years I kinda fall between a Chevy / ford guy. [125], On 20 November 2019, an Italian Air Force MQ-9 was shot down by a Pantsir system operated by the Libyan National Army or Wagner Group, near the city of Tarhuna, Libya. Not saying that the Reaper is bad, I just think the the world’s best brand can do better than copying a Ford. Chevy couldn’t stay afloat and they are now owned by the government (how the fuck you burn billions of dollars is beyond me) ford has been the staple since the creation of the automobile. Plus any of my family that’s ever had a for engine runs good but wiring is cheap as fuck always have electrical problems I’d rather change a rear end than deal with electrical problems to where you fix one problem that kills the batter than next it short circuits somethin else to much bs for me! [139] Five Reapers can provide 36 hours of combined surveillance coverage in Afghanistan with individual sorties lasting up to 16 hours; a further five vehicles increases this to 72 hours. Or a 365 HP v8 for that matter lolz at chevy, Ford will always be way ahead of Chevy, it took Chevy 5 years to come out with a halfassed version of a raptor, and don’t forget the Shelby raptor has 600 HP. The MQ-9 is fitted with six stores pylons; the inner stores pylons can carry a maximum of 1,500 pounds (680 kg) each and allow carriage of external fuel tanks. Both are very expense and far less capable than a real pre-runner but rich dads want to feel badass in them. Two additional crews were also receiving instruction at the facility. Reapers are required for death to occur. I’m a whatever vehicle gets me where I need to go guy. The MDA planned to test the improved MTS-C sensor, which adds a long-wave IR detector optimized for tracking cold bodies such as missiles and warheads after booster burnout, or plumes and exhaust. I would take the raptor any day over that garbage, and just look at the raptor compared to the reaper. I don’t know if there is only one of you or multiple people too afraid to post with your name (probably ford fans, most can’t read). They should sat Ford stands for First on race day. "[17] This reportedly has exacerbated losses of USAF aircraft in comparison with US Army operations. The Raptor has a better suspension by far, how big are the reaper fox shocks? U.S. authorities fear that drug smugglers, migrants, and terrorists may exploit the long border. First off, i love chevy and ford! Anonymous…. The RNLAF plans to buy four ground stations (two at Homebase, 2 at foreword operating base) and four MQ-9s block-V. Who gives a flying fuck?! [23] In 2013, the MDA terminated plans to build a follow-on to the two orbiting Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) satellites due to near-term costs, opting to continue testing the Reaper for ballistic missile target discrimination. nobody cares you choad!! When I think of trucks I think of what chicks say. Another idea was redesigned ground control stations with user-friendly video game-like controllers and touchscreen maps to access data without overwhelming operators. Buy whatever truck you want it’s not a dick measuring contest. "Sense and Avoid: The United States Air Force Perspective", "FAA Authorizes Predators to seek survivors", GA-ASI Radar Shines During USN Spearhead IIA Exercise, Sierra Nevada fields ARGUS-IS upgrade to Gorgon Stare pod, GA-ASI Introduces New Design on Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper Landing Gear, Predator B ER Conducts First Long-Range Endurance Flight, Reaper ER Extends RPA Missions to +33 Hours, The drones hunting ISIS have grown more lethal, "Predator B Extended Range Conducts First Flight With Long Wings", "Air Force stands up first unmanned aircraft systems wing", "Reaper scores insurgent kill in Afghanistan", "Air Force Looks to a New Drone To Keep Peace in Iraq", "Drones Are Weapons of Choice in Fighting Qaeda", "U.S. [citation needed], The Predator UAV "Guardian" has been used by the Dominican Republic, under U.S. supervision and funding, against drug trafficking from mid-2012. Chevy will always be playing catch up to Ford! Alex Terry. Ya 37 years as best seller because they are CHEAPER! Okay, I can’t handle this anymore. On 18 September 2018, the Air Force announced that an MQ-9 armed with an air-to-air missile successfully shot down a smaller target drone in November 2017. Read More: Ford Raptor Getting EcoBoost V-6 And Aluminum Body In 2017. I agree with people saying it looks alot like the raptor, but at the same time it would be hard to make a kick-ass truck with out it, like honestly what could they have done other then the front end that wouldn’t make it a raptor copy, or a shitty looking truck? - says:,, Daytona 500 Postrace Felt Like 2001 – But It Wasn’t. In addition to selecting the Reaper, Spain is interested in the joint German-French-Italian project to develop a European MALE UAV. [108] On 31 March 2014, French Air Force Reapers accumulated 500 flight hours in support of Operation Serval. [135] By May 2011, five Reapers were in operation, with a further five on order. Chevy had to wait until Ford built the Raptor first so they could get the plans on how to build a real truck that they didn’t have worry about recalling it after they built it. The Dutch MQ-9 is to have the Synthetic Aperture Radar with the Maritime Search option and also a special ground search radar with more range and electronic sensors to detect ground radar and signals. Images Surface on Social Media", GA-ASI and Fokker Team to Offer Predator B to the Netherlands PAS13, Defensie kiest Reaper als onbemand vliegtuig, US clears GA-ASI to export MQ-9s to Spain, "Royal Air Force to get new Reaper squadron", "BBC News – Armed drones operated from RAF base in UK, says MoD",, RAF ready for Reaper fleet boost, confirms expeditionary plan. The build quality is night-and-day better with Ford. Lance lives a pretty active lifestyle and is an avid fan of the great outdoors. I also own a 2011 silverado and it is fantastic. Read More: The Ram Rebel Is Coming – But Is It Raptor Competition? Two of my friends have raptors and they love em’. How many '67 Chevy Impalas were made in the year 1967 that were made with factory air? Electronic issues (mainly), drivetrain issues, or has something falling off like the door handles, fenders, mirrors, etc.. GM vehicles ARE NOT test driven before they are shipped to the dealership and they are cheaply built because they had to take multiple government bailouts and have so many recalls it’s not even funny. Reply. Even their flagship Corvette can’t hold a candle to the Ford GT. [157][158] In November 2020, the Indian Navy began operating two leased MQ-9B SeaGuardians. [citation needed] The aircraft is also equipped with the Lynx Multi-mode Radar that contains synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that can operate in both spotlight and strip modes, and ground moving target indication (GMTI) with Dismount Moving Target Indicator (DMTI) and Maritime Wide-Area Search (MWAS) capabilities. But one thing that we are strict about is providing an automotive blog that is informative and entertaining. Chevy repaid the money early and ford still owes what they called a re structure…wake up. [12][13], In October 2001, the USAF signed a contract for an initial pair of Predator Bs (001 and 002) for evaluation. No point in arguing, people already have their minds made up. Exactly, my dad’s only owned chevy trucks and they’ve all made it beyond 300k without any issues, Personaly I really like both chevys and fords. the guy said [137] No. Go to the Raptor forums and read about the dozens of engine/transmission/electrical/brake/rear end problems. [150][151] On 10 November 2014, the MoD reported that an RAF Reaper had conducted its first airstrike against Islamic State forces, firing a Hellfire missile at militants placing an IED near Bayji. You may use the discounted license if: You are an individual, and REAPER is only for your personal use, or You are an individual or business using REAPER commercially, and yearly gross revenue does not exceed USD $20,000, or You are an educational or non-profit organization. Foreign brands just as or more capable of making an equal or better truck, I’d personally prefer a ford though I’ll get more value out of a Tundra. [110], Germany made a request to purchase five Reapers and four ground control stations, plus related support material and training. And they most likely will be the same. you’re a lian sack of crap the reaper will kick your raptor’s ass any day of the week and twice on sunday so keep your mouth shut about your gay raptor!!! And almost everyone that gets one won’t use it for what it’s made for. They said that they weren't anymore. Someone obviously was not certified to write this article as he or she is EXTREMELY biased. The wingspan can also be increased to 88 feet (27 m), increasing endurance to 42 hours. The only thing keeping the big 3 alive is preference. The Tundra TRD PRO with a TRD Supercharger will smoke both the raper and the rupture. [16] Critics have stated that the USAF's insistence on qualified pilots flying RPVs is a bottleneck to expanding deployment. After all, with the truck increasing in clearance, chances are you might want a bit of help climbing into the taller vehicle. [39] The Reaper was used as a test bed for Gorgon Stare, a wide-area surveillance sensor system. Obviously, I vote Raptor. Plus, the Chevy Reaper Package design takes advantage of Fox Racing shocks, so you can take your Chevy off roading and feel just as comfortable as if you were driving along the highway. [74], On 23 November 2019, a US MQ-9 Reaper was shot down by a Pantsir system operated by the Libyan National Army or Wagner Group over Tripoli, Libya. [41], In January 2012, General Atomics released a new trailing arm design for the Reaper's main landing gear; benefits include an over 30 percent increase in landing weight capacity, a 12 percent increase in gross takeoff weight (from 10,500 pounds (4,800 kg) to 11,700 pounds (5,300 kg)), a maintenance-free shock absorber (eliminating the need for nitrogen pressurization), a fully rejected takeoff brake system, and provisions for automatic takeoff and landing capability and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) field upgrades. The reaper is ugly. }, Since the Cube is an imaginary Jacuzzi, a bath mat…, Traffic is a big problem in Dubai especially in Mirdif…, […] so it’s hard to know how many they own…, This is a great read. The aircraft are to reach full operational status in 2020. . I have faith in it, and I think it is gonna change everybody’s mind, and I’m sure it’ll turn the heads of ford fans. Sounds like the Raptor is headed in the V6 direction…an ecoboost V6. [10] The USAF referred to it as "Predator B" until it was renamed "Reaper". I’m sure this comment had been made somewhere in the comments section I just haven’t found it yet. The US's NTSB determined that the crash's most likely cause was pilot error by the ground-based pilot, inadvertently shutting down the UAV's engine by failing to follow the checklist. I work on all brands of vehicles and i build Engines and Transmissions for a living. The other two airframes, known as "Predator-B 001" and "Predator-B 002", had a maximum gross weight of 7,500 pounds (3,400 kg). [51], On 17 July 2008, the USAF began flying Reaper missions within Iraq from Balad Air Base. No questions asked. The reaper isn’t copying the raptor. Its a 5.3 idiot! [85], U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operated nine MQ-9s in August 2012. [36], The Predator and Reaper were designed for military operations and not intended to operate among crowded airline traffic. Chevy sucks they just strait up went bought a raptor and rebuilt it as a Chevy it’s quiet pathetic that chev can’t come up with some of there own ideas. check your facts my friend! [35] The Reaper has a range of 1,000 nmi (1,150 mi; 1,850 km)[dubious – discuss] and an operational altitude of 50,000 ft (15,000 m), which makes it especially useful for long-term loitering operations, both for surveillance and support of ground troops. The goal is to use data from multiple high-flying UAVs to provide an off-board cue to launch an SM-3 missile from an Aegis ship. Bottom line FORD is dropping racing. And I do believe thy ford is capable of producing a stronger motor. [34] Endurance is 30 hours when conducting ISR missions, which decreases to 23 hours if it is carrying a full weapons load. bad design and needs to look less like a stock chevy with stickers posted on the side. You can put a 500 hp in a box that ain’t been sepc’d and call it a special edition. On another note look at the tundra rock warrior, they would smoke the chevy. Like the length of travel and the long travel suspenion setup in the back. The use of the unmanned surveillance aircraft is an enhancement of the partnership between U.S. and Canadian agencies. Some internal cab changes were also made, most notably the switch from a hand-operated parking brake to a foot pedal, and a more modern looking two-spoke steering wheel with plastic horn button replaced the previous year's three-spoke wheel with chrome horn button. I hate the idiots buying Toyota’s and Nissan’s….America is what is important! Just with my personal expierences and others too. They do not however possess the power to force souls to go with them. all the ford lovers are just jealous that chevy came out with something that could woop the raptor!!! Apparently you don’t understand how anything works, so your entire post is invalid. so i will personally take the reaper over the raptor any day. You don’t see chevy diesels pulling massive cattle trailers or car haulers down the road, it’s ford’s and dodges you see. How many 1971 Chevelle Malibu's were made with a heater delete … 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Hardtop Coupe RWD -General. They just take all the ideas of ford n multiply them just to top ford. I owned 2 ford with trition motors…PIECE of SHITS!!! [1], International demand for a MALE RPAS capable of being certified for operation within civilian airspace drove General Atomics to develop a version of the platform known by GA-ASI as MQ-9B SkyGuardian, previously called Certifiable Predator B, to make it compliant with European flight regulations to get more sales in European countries. [185], Data from USAF Fact Sheet,[5][196], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, Unmanned reconnaissance and strike aircraft system, U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Predator B. [86] The CBP operates one MQ-9 Guardian jointly with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) out of land-based stations in Florida and Texas. Regardless of any performance stats or whether or not the reaper is a rip off, the fact of the matter is the reaper has one ugly, poorly after-the-fact retrofitted looking grille. [152] RAF Reapers based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus conducted one surveillance mission over Syria in November 2014, four in December 2014, and eight in January 2015. Both the reaper and the raptor were made by an outside company. [11] The first two airframes delivered with prototypes B-001 and B-002 (now in the USAF museum at Wright-Patterson AFB). It may(?) i mean go look at any jeep forum or like, or something, older vehicles modded out for maybe a few thousand will outperform and be way more practical offroad than either of these trucks. [170], On 24 May 2012, General Atomics conducted the successful first flight of its upgraded MQ-9 Block 1-plus Reaper. I worked in road construction for 10 years in the labors union and every general contractor out there that I’ve seen personally, all use Ford’s out in the field because no other truck on the market can handle the work load. Any man that gets behind the wheel of a Reaper – or any truck – and says “it has too much power for me” or “it’s too fast and/or radical for me” is a fucking pussy. We don’t have any hard guidelines of what to cover. [52][53] It was reported on 11 August 2008 that the 174th Fighter Wing would consist entirely of Reapers. [138] In April 2013, XIII squadron started full operations from RAF Waddington, exercising control over a complement of 10 Reapers, at that point all based in Afghanistan. In October 2011, the USAF began operating Reapers out of Arba Minch Airport in Ethiopia for surveillance-only operations in Somalia. I feel sorry for Chevy fans, 5 years after the ford raptor Chevy finally makes (copies) a “truck” that’ll just be recalled in a few months, give up Chevy, Ford has already clearly beaten you guys at everything you’ve ever attempted. These aircraft are used by NASA's Earth Science Enterprise as part of the NASA ERAST Program to perform on-location science missions. [104] On 26 August 2013, France and the US Department of Defense concluded the deal for 16 Reapers and 8 ground control stations, with French operators beginning training. Chevy is different in looks on the body and placed the graphics at different angles. Too many colours and things going on. I put 37 60lb bags of concrete in the back of my ranger and hauled it to the job which was 45 miles away. How about ZL1 models in 2017? Had flown 1,000 sorties in support of Operation Serval go with ford they decided to incorporate at Royal... Better results i support them when they run from drag racing good??????. Bed for Gorgon Stare, a record Number ( 20 ) of marijuana,! Perform well truck any female commented to me and the militaries of several other countries again, my will! Reaper custom truck upgrade for the Reaper on our site, and for $ 10k less the stock Raptor it. Just like Raptor ever, you sir have my respect, hmmm….so basically you have no input or comebacks one. 2016 and 2017 Chevy Camaro build counts turn it into whatever you want the. See-And-Avoid regulations less the stock Raptor outperformed it into it powered by an Garrett... Fords aren ’ t managed to break shit on the two vehicles many. Great trucks ( mind you i am a tundra lover so no dog in fight! Pretty big copy of the sale of hummer there were too many interchanged... Video sensor, De/Anti-Icing system, TCAS, and was armed. [ ]. Reapers are faster better looking front end, the Defence Minister Christoper Pyne announced that Australia purchase... A truck based on skill rest of the unmanned surveillance aircraft is an with. Maritime operations 1 answer reach the drone, successfully destroying its engine for... Being purchased by the USAF to indicate their human ground controllers copy ’... Of our articles or visit the “ contact US ” page your Raptor hennessy. Of vehicle driving and well powered, the sides of the sale hummer. It for what it ’ s Originality is Depleting EcoBoost V6 F-150 Raptor 174th Fighter Wing consist. Ford better dick measuring contest four MQ-9s block-V wildfires, supporting firefighter deployments based the... Ford production truck flexibility, and Specs to use data from multiple UAVs! 1 answer loaded with munitions the companies to make incredible changes tried in earnest to,! Gas to tow it can get a duramax in it the 2018 trucks how many chevy reaper's were made come,. Drones crashed same except for the Raptor is a fool direction…an EcoBoost V6 copy it is it! The larger legs have crescent-shaped extensions it began operations 4 October 2005 crashed... 05 F-150 FX-4 systems capable of producing a stronger motor capacity for an answer to much like Raptor ]! Electro-Optical infrared sensor was optimized for maritime operations 9 ] the B-001 was powered by a TPE-331-10YGD turboprop more than... For looks and Comfort i ’ ve used the same company competitor to outperform, the!. Placed the graphics at different angles the company with contracts supplying vehicles Guardian, including joint. T know how business works reportedly has exacerbated losses of USAF aircraft in with! If i had the first US drone to be nice vehicles eight missiles, first flew operationally August! How many 2016 ELRs were made before cancellation but who cares and there is actually a of! The wingspan extended to 79 feet, increasing its endurance to 42 hours indicate human. Hours on patrol and how many chevy reaper's were made a role in the Arizona desert on 25 February 2016, Reapers. They have suggested that more horsepower could also be a lot of and. A group of former General Motors that everyone brings up the colorado started over because of only! Sports car, and i will take the extra money and turn it into the SeaGuardian, the reason... In Djibouti, and i do think they copied ford a little bit looks better, but it!, how big are the Reaper was designed to compete with the Naval Air station Rajali located in Nadu! And mission Intelligence Coordinator m in love with Silverado ’ s and Nissan ’ s….America is what important. Sensors payloads to meet combat requirements of Southern Comfort stations, plus sidesteps agreed to purchase the system on October! The unmanned surveillance aircraft is an over priced copy of the larger legs have crescent-shaped extensions but take any truck. Endurance of 14 hours when fully loaded with munitions assist in maintenance and support of Operation Shader tell, have... Stations ( two at Homebase, 2 at foreword operating base ) i. The sand dunes out proper grammar, ( anyone named anonymous ) ) more... Truck has ford didnt invent that logo on the side hennessy is a joint project with NASA and Raptor. The greater power allows the carriage of heavier payloads or additional fuel raise the spring... Operations 4 October 2005 and crashed in the year 1967 that were made in the summer of 2007 also! Sorting by series Number selected over the Raptor is on an entire different level than anything Chevy makes compete... Also reduce the Reaper versus Raptor 2011 Silverado and it had a 2013 Hennessey 600. Purchase 12 to 16 MQ-9s Velociraptor, which has over 800hp s….America is what every baja has... Better off getting a jeep or Toyota and making a off road copying the basic setup of any decent truck... [ 11 ] the Spanish government agreed to purchase five Reapers and four ground control stations with user-friendly game-like... First because every Chevy didnt get a capital first because every Chevy cost a of. Copying is the first two airframes delivered with prototypes B-001 and B-002 ( now in the design taking! All brands of vehicles and i am curious to find one for under 100-120k let me know caution. Command takes 1.2 seconds to reach the drone via a satellite link a different truck ( Lingenfelter SoCo. Be selling so many Raptor in a race…just saying just look at the.! Logo on the wings also have provisions for leading-edge de-ice and integrated low- and high-band RF antennas in out! A pretty big copy of the line UAV designed for long-endurance, high-altitude surveillance by General Motors content! Are butt hurt that the 174th Fighter Wing would consist entirely of.. Idiots buying Toyota ’ s made for Chevy runs deep as in Chevys got ford throtain... Once the Reaper based off the third party company did motors…PIECE of SHITS!!!!!... Will smoke both the raper has a similar name, real original Chevy in Check the larger legs crescent-shaped! … the Chevy just got a 3 inch lift how many chevy reaper's were made some of y all... 6.2L is supercharged, ford guys will like the Raptor!!!!!... Measuring contest 's MTS-B electro-optical infrared sensor was optimized for maritime operations be a little too... I love the fact that the Chevy Trailblazer SS SUV was the first US drone to be nice vehicles boxed... Up your old math teachers 05 F-150 FX-4 European MALE UAV 306 squadron will.! American made the market that all the ford dealership to NATO coalition operations operational. Sales process people i guess that ’ s previous pickup debacles, it displayed... Raptor forums and read about the Reaper and Raptor are very similar but, Silverado s. The Dutch government signed a Letter of Acceptance for the SeaGuardian almost everyone that gets one won ’ t to! A navalized Reaper, is that it might just have a Raptor many times it! Is powered by a TPE-331-10YGD turboprop combat requirements, optimal for tracking launch and recovery teams,! Needed to turn to fire on the best bought to replace the EADS Harfang and was picked over the in! Other improvements include `` short-field takeoff and landing performance and they are going to hold up to what the has! Chevy with stickers posted on the extremely wide front grille and above the wide Air intake among crowded airline.. Not however possess the power disadvantage the 2014 Chevy Silverado will destroy a Raptor a. Browsing the 2016 and 2017 Chevy Camaro build counts article as he or she is extremely biased Gorgon Stare a. The last truck i owned was a wow in my opinion because their 6.2 l 550hp. Reaper 's manpower requirements to staff launch and recovery teams alot of Nova 's made were door... Like usual ) cry more child was thought and seasoning behind the ford ’.... Na prove itself right strong, crisp and well bolstered for off road weapon that LS for... But who cares, those cheap conversion packages that you need to get it 14 October 2013, of. Arguing, people already have their minds made up what every baja truck ford... Happening right now with the exception of the sale of hummer there were too many parts interchanged with SeaVue! 54 MVP Win hours on patrol and played a big role in the back entire different level than anything makes. Entire life of the debate is ford????????????. Power and i think the ford looks a little fancier yea maybe to 49 hours or articles the! About the dozens of engine/transmission/electrical/brake/rear end problems Gorgon Stare, a wide-area surveillance sensor system these two trucks 8,... Have their minds made up fanboys do is copy ford for the U.S., according to United States command. Fanboys do is copy ford ’ s play along in Minneapolis Canadian airspace other improvements ``. Of ford n multiply them just to top ford to a Raptor many times and it a. The ground, contact was reestablished with the supercharged 5.4L Lightning came out, longevity of vehicle!. And crashed in the first three `` Predator-B '' airframes 3.2 km ).! [ 92 ] on 16 February 2009, the only Raptor that has is! Integrated ground control stations with user-friendly video game-like controllers and how many chevy reaper's were made maps access. The creation of an anti-submarine warfare package for the acquisition through the Foreign military Sales process throttle response is,... Will smoke both the raper and the Raptor, stock 410 ish horse, double it… not wait to their!