Pull the lever. For instance, you might kill the higher guard while you are standing far away, and you may not be able to get the discarded pass until much later. Enter the first door on the right. Each one has a different symbol. Recovering the aqualung helps Lara survive the long swims in the Vault of Trophies. Some locations are modern--in one sequence, you'll break into the famous Louvre museum to steal a dangerous artifact. Continue swimming into the next level. Time to go back down! Return over the catwalk and descend the drainpipe back down into the room. You must discover a way to turn off this flow of water. For example, you may be climbing hand over hand across a rope stretched across a bottomless pit, and suddenly just turn around, or just stop. The numerous human enemies you'll face are stupid and easily killed by shooting them full of lead from out of their range (Lara is deadly accurate, at least), so there's no real reward for taking a stealthy approach. Hang onto the edge and drop down to the walkway below you. Terminate them both. Examine the computer to initiate a cutscene. You can't get them yet, but you can later. Simply put, you'll undoubtedly struggle for hours getting accustomed to the game's control. Press the floor switch that looks like a star. Descend the staircase into the next room. If you need breath, return to this upper chamber. There you'll find a chocolate bar and some money. Sounds good. Grab the ammunition from off the ground and the security pass from next to the lab worker. You can exit the church or go for some goodies. Swim along the left side of the pipe and swim slowly. Eventually just open the gate in the fenced-in area. Exit the crawl space and hug the left side of the chamber to find the first platform. Go back down and straight across to where you just came from. Crawl through the fan blades. Kill the sanitarium creep on the other side. Walk to the barricade and open the door on the right. Terminate another guard at the top of the stairs. Resident Evil Village Release Date Is May 7, PS4/Xbox One Versions Confirmed, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More, Xbox Series X Restocks: Check Availability Here, By Turn right and perform a standing jump to the pipes on the wall. As you are gathering the ammo, another guard breaks through the wall. Go toward the blue door and pull the lever on the right. He runs under a door at the end of the hall. Leap over the pit and go through the door on the right. Cross the next hall and open the next door. Don't forget to use all of Lara's moves in your arsenal. Descend the ladder in the back of the control room and grab the chocolate bar on the floor. Equip your weapon and eliminate him as quickly as possible. Fall inside. Just turn right and walk to the edge of the next platform and you'll be fine. Press the L2 button to engage stealth mode while moving around. Swim back down and straight across at the intersection. Swim down and into an adjacent area. Move the machine to the upper left corner to discover the symbol. Use the large pipe and she'll place an explosive. You can also look through desks (such as the computer desk) for background information on the storyline. Return back down the hall and through the first gate you come to. Either sneak up the ladder when he's looking away or shoot him from the catwalk. Hang onto the right edge of the display case and shimmy to the right between the lasers. He'll help out but only if Lara retrieves a box from the Serpent Rouge. Pull it, which opens a second hatch. Go back to the stack and climb to the top. Use the card reader to the right of the door to unlock the door. Go up to the clock and use it. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness also sometimes lets you choose different dialogue options as Lara when dealing with other characters. Open the gate. On the higher walkway, run back the way you were traveling from. Grab the money off the park bench (still there!) Return into the hallway and go right. Walk out into the large circular room. You must time your advance through the beams. There's an upper platform. Just before the fan switch, look left and notice the narrow bridge. Drop down on the other side. Don't worry about the fire too much. Go to the right door. Lara makes another daring escape from the authorities! Follow the catwalk down the ladders until you reach the yellow button. Crawl low along the left edge of the room. At the bottom of the second ladder, walk to the edge toward the center structure. Pull up onto the next ledge and turn a bit right. Climb out of the hole using the climbable walls. When you reach the top, jump at an angle to the opposite side of where you are standing, onto the thick landing spot. Turn right. Open the doors at the end of this hall into the next area. There are other guards around, including one on Lara's immediate right. Also, save your game in multiple slots. Swim back up and go through the opened door. Jump over the gap. Head left and then take the next left back toward the park. Using it opens a door at the end of this chamber. Lara, Kurtis Trent, the main villain of the game, and the other key characters all play their parts very well during the cutscenes, and the music heard throughout the game effectively sets the often-ominous tone of each gameplay sequence. While she's sideways, you must target these spots and shoot them. Search the cabinets and drawers on the right-hand wall to find money and a chocolate bar. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness presents PlayStation 2 and PC gamers with a familiar adventure game, teeming with classic exploration gameplay elements, less … Enter the door into the next area. At the end of this hall, go right again and enter the first doors on the right. Part 1: Things You Should Know. This is a good spot for the second aqualung if you have it. Exit into the hall and open the closet door on your left. You'll reach a ladder and an enclosed area. Now you must reach the scaffolding ahead of you. After he fires a series of projectiles, Eckhardt creates three beings to run into the middle of the chamber that Lara's trapped within. Traverse this wire hand-over-hand and pull Lara's legs up to get over the obstacle. Leap over to it. On top of the platform adjacent to the scaffolding, perform a running jump to the walkway below. Quickly turn around and jump into the water. Enter the back room of the lab (there's a pool here), and use the plaque on the left wall to insert one of the phials. By the way, Lara's receives a leg-strength upgrade during this process. Tomb Raider : The Angel Of DarknessGalleries Under SiegeBy AngelCroftTomb Raider is my favorite game :DHope you guys enjoy my first gameplay :) Climb the ladder to the window's left. Grab the medical kit from off the table and the ammunition from under the staircase. on January 18, 2006 at 12:44PM PST, By Doug Radcliffe Design by Collin Oguro. The skeleton warriors can pose a problem here since at least one may hang out in the start location and prevent you from passing. The police are on their way so you can either scurry quickly to the front door and leave or quickly search Carvier's apartment for some goodies. Walk around the right side of the stage to find a health power-up. Return outside and follow the floor around to the right. Remember the armoire you couldn't open earlier? Find the open doors. Use the switch inside to lower the elevator. Lara Croft's latest adventure is fraught with peril. Return to the roof. Search the desk for the security pass. Cross the warehouse to the far door and enter. You need to find Eckhardt's old lab and the third Periapt shard. Just duck and press the action key and Lara will magically retrieve them). Learn to use Lara's short hop jump. You're now overlooking another hole. Exit back out the window. You're on the next-higher level. Walk right from the entrance into the bar. Unfortunately, most players probably won't bear with Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness long enough to enjoy its good qualities. Open the door on the left side of the room. Break down the door and snag the shotgun and ammunition. You'll find specific puzzle solutions, dialogue choices, and the location of vital puzzle items and even secret health items and power-ups. Navigate the platforms to the far side of the chamber to locate the crystal. Turn left. There's ammo in the first alcove on the left. Search the cell straight ahead (on the right wall) for ammo. You can search the rooms on either side of the hall if you wish. Dive in and swim down away from the room's center. Walk forward and down the steps into the garden area. On the other hand, the detail in the environments can certainly be impressive. This sends the container toward the control room. Now you must make your way back. The opening fly-through reveals a guard in an office room. Move out of the way of the three beings that approach and hit Eckhardt when he's in the middle a second and a third time to finish him off. Use the computer to activate the machine. Once you're in the water, you can't swim to the surface. Move the display case in front of the switch. Lara also bulks up over the course of the game, in what's probably the most nonsensical new feature. Grab the security pass on the ground. The notebook is updated throughout the game and is an important source for solving puzzles, such as the lock in the archaeological dig. Ready a weapon and eliminate the raging lunatic running toward you. Gameplay. Swim back up to catch your breath. Go down this right hallway. Turn right from the ammo and leap to the alcove with the ladder. Go left and find another valve. Go into the back room and find Renne dead on the ground. Jump up to it and pull up. Move Lara horizontally around this vertical scaffolding so you can climb up to the top of the mechanism. Pull the container back to the square. Push the second lever from the left up. Target the guard and fire continuously. Go around to the left and enter the second tunnel on your left. On this platform, jump straight up and hold onto the plank. Turn around and look on the left side of the wall. And as mentioned, Lara looks great in motion, particularly when she's rock-climbing. Swim down into the flooded room below. Hop into the vent on the right. Go up until you're at the wire. Hop up onto the catwalk where the broken ladder was. This valve opens a tunnel in the water below. A bomb goes off. Go through a couple of doors to reach the next area. You can climb those vines along the left wall. Try to overlook some of the flaws here and enjoy this game for its engaging storyline, death-defying action sequences, and impressive locations. Press the button inside this small storeroom to open the door. Walk forward to the edge of the room. Rummage through the kitchen for ammo on the counters. Turn back around and slide down the roof to the path below. If you have enough euros, the reporter will sell you a machine pistol. Climb up onto the stage. Go right into the next level. Grab hold if necessary. Exit the café and go back onto the streets. Go to the large middle display case across from the Mona Lisa. Go down. The creature can't get you here. You need to drop to the circular walkway below the one you're currently on. It's too bad the music cuts off while loading, which might have helped alleviate some of the tedium of the trial-and-error parts. If it runs out, it'll be time to reload a saved game. Go to the opposite side of the roof and note the barrel. Use the action button and pull the analog stick back to pull the barrel, which gives you room to investigate the roof's edge. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is the sixth instalment in the Tomb Raider game series. Snag the printout on the printer and search the room for more information. Unfortunately the door closes quickly, so you must traverse and exit the room with blinding speed. You'll face the first as you ascend the stairs; the guard emerges from a side room. Slide down the ramp in the next room; jump as you near the ramp's button and grab hold of the ladder against the wall. There's ammunition on either side of the path, but the skeleton guard with the flaming sword may interrupt your gathering. Ascend the wall onto the walkway. This floor was once stable--now each pillar may crumble beneath Lara's feet. Search the far right corner for a health power-up. Use the switch here to start the music and the wild spotlight mechanism that hovers above the room. You'll need to use the action button to grab hold of the ledge's side. Return to the chamber's center and look along the wall toward the crates. Turn right and jump to the first platform along the right wall. A door opens near the statue. Ascend the staircase. Look carefully around where you killed each guard. You'll also see a guard through it. Pull the crate toward the bottom flight as far as it will go. Enter the next door. Check weapon descriptions and use long-range weapons against enemies at long range; the shotgun against the skeleton warriors in the Hall of Seasons; the submachine gun against the enemies throughout the latter half of the game (from Von Croy's apartment onward); and the K2 impactor against the guards and SWAT team in the Louvre Galleries and the Galleries Under Siege levels. Search the room for a chocolate bar. Ensure you are always moving. Spot the ladder just in front of you. With the police tape all around it. A tougher sanitarium beastie enters while you're gathering items. The flowing water shuts off. Climb the ladder. You're over a platform. Go through the opened doors (with the yellow and black markings) and emerge out of the water. Walk forward and a bit to the left and speak with the reporter. You can blast them with one of your weapons, but they don't stay incapacitated forever. Look left. What follows is an extended conversation between the two. Watch Lara's strength, though; you must move quickly or she'll fall (or be shot by the authorities). Save your game if you decide to risk it. These spots are vulnerable. On this tomb, turn left and leap to the roof of the next tomb. You can climb it. Eventually you'll note fewer platforms and a lot more lava. Lara is stronger now and can shimmy left all the way to the adjacent platform. Return to the aquatic research area. Go to the middle of the level and look for the overhead pipe. Spot the ladder against the wall--that's where you're jumping. You may also wish to drop from the canopy to the small alcove below. Speak with him for information. Once inside, enter the room on the right. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness is a game that has all the potential but Core failed to do anything with it to make it worth anyone’s while. She has become darker, harder, more cynical, and her tomb raiding days are a distant memory. Grab the health power-up. Return to the room you entered from the sewers and use the key on the red door at the top of the stairs. Crawl through. One aspect of the controls that thankfully works well is the ability to toggle a walk mode, which prevents Lara from running off ledges by accident. Leap over to the alcove. Just run out onto the catwalk to complete the game. Leap from platform to platform until you are back down at the bottom. Avoid getting nibbled by the rats. Crouch and crawl under the bars. Listen carefully and you'll also hear a guard enter the far door. Use the lever inside. Perform a second standing jump to reach the other scaffolding across the mechanism. Climb down the ladder. Tomb Raider:The Angel of Darkness (Dublado em Português) - PC - Uma Gameplay Rapida CyberGamesBR (Oficial) ... O Início de Gameplay, em Português PT-BR! Tomb Raider: Anniversary is an action-adventure video game co-developed by Crystal Dynamics and Buzz Monkey Software.It was published by Eidos Interactive in 2007 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Wii and mobile phones.It was later ported to OS X in 2008 and PlayStation 3 in 2011. Kill the guard outside the door. Use the switch that controls the elevator. Turn to the right. Go left at the bottom and return to the room with the flowing water. Traverse the chain to the far platform. Push the button on the post. Go to the ladder on the end of the platform. Enter the door; it's next to the motorcycle. Exit back the way you came and ascend in the elevator. Drop down and kill the guard dog. Jump up and grab it. The money there has reappeared too! Her adventure takes her through Paris and Prague, and she's up against a secret alliance seeking to unearth an ancient evil. 9mm semi-automatic with. Go through the middle and to the left. Otherwise, go left at the intersection. Return down to the grate and swim to the door you busted down to get the shotgun. Fall on it to open a secret alcove. Walk through the next room and into the long hallway. Open the door and snag the antique doubloons from off the ground. However, two skeleton guards have entered with their flaming swords. Jump into the water and swim to the far walkway. Go forward and use the button. Remember its location for a small secret. Pull up onto the walkway. Move Lara horizontally around this vertical scaffolding so you can climb up to the top of the mechanism. Ascend the drainpipe. It bears mentioning that the Tomb Raider series has never been known for its responsive control, but rather than buck the bad trend, this latest game seems to control even worse than its predecessors. The camera is just as problematic as the controls. If not there, get it from the room in which he’s killed. Navigating the Serpent Rouge is part of Pierre's mission. Mademoiselle, I was a good friend of Werner's. You'll eventually get to a break in the catwalk. Go right on the platform and leap to the next small walkway. Ascend the stairwell. Navigate these platforms to the floor of the Tomb of the Ancients. Climb down the ladder and search the grounds near the staircase for ammunition. Climb up. The walkway slopes down. Talk to Francine; she says Bouchard is in the old church. You can now reach the upper areas of the chamber. Continue to the dead guard. Proceed up to the exit and return to the Hall of Seasons. Remember it (along with the printout). Use the console and enter the code 38471 to open the door. Drop down on the higher balcony. Drop down onto the stairwell below you. You'll spot a narrow ledge to the left. Descend all the ladders and the drainpipe back to the room's center. You can also shoot an object to the right, which may cause a trip mine to detonate the guard. It opens a hole in the tomb. When you make it through the first grate, you aren't finished. Run right after exiting the storeroom and open the trapdoor on the ground. Drop down into a small recess and use the valve. Open the cabinet and grab a couple of them. There's a medical kit there. You're now in a larger, still-flooded chamber. Continue to the top of the stairs. That's the best time to go to the blue light. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Pull the left lever down. You must flee the room (through the same route you entered) to reach safety. Turn left and perform a running leap toward the exit.