His books and online materials are popular in the UK and internationally. Turning this into English: When an 11+ maths question looks impossibly difficult, or just plain weird, don’t stare at the page in bemusement. I used both comprehension books for my daughter. However, the essential skills are very similar to those in an English comprehension exam: reading critically, finding relevant evidence, and explaining it/combining it appropriately. www.facebook.com/groups/independent11plus/, my other entrance exam and interview guides, the practice papers and solutions available here, the gold standard for independent and grammar school 11-plus preparation, https://www.etoncollege.com/KSpapers.aspx, https://www.etoncollege.com/admissions/scholarships-and-awards/kings-scholarships. You can also choose to watch in fullscreen mode. Please check your email, including your Spam and other folders. St Paul’s fosters academic excellence, independence of mind and reflects the high aspirations and diversity of London itself. Jump right in, with the confidence that the more energetically you swim, the sooner you will feel warm again. Thank you very much! For more comments about 11+ maths preparation for St Paul’s, see my discussion of the maths exam below. (I’m a terrible fidgeter, so I understand how hard this is.). You can find sample papers for St Paul’s here. No child (indeed, no person) can be expected to know every single word in English. Is it possible to know what kind of percentage on needs to be selected for next stage ? Thank you for getting in touch. I have used their past papers extensively over the years, with students preparing for schools across the country. Thank you very much. Fri 3 Sep – Wed 15 Dec. Half term: Mon 18 Oct – Fri 29 Oct. AUTUMN 2021. ... and the National Coalition of Girls' Schools conference. They will already by studying science at school – probably not very formally, but by performing experiments, drawing diagrams, discussing the results with their class. A prose passage is followed by a set of comprehension questions. This test (called the CEM Select) covers verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths / numerical reasoning. Mon 10 Jan – Fri 25 Mar. Visit www.facebook.com/groups/independent11plus/ to join the group. As such, it must be expected that the school apply at least equal rigor in its efforts to prevent harm, abuse and harassment in all forms," he wrote.An independent investigation into St. Paul… Incidentally, the most impressive thing a child can do when talking about a book is to draw comparisons with other books. Life in the Senior School is exciting.The personal and intellectual confidence you’ll develop in this environment is exhilarating and deeply rewarding. A review into systematic abuse of pupils at St Paul's independent boys' school in Barnes has laid bare the horrific crimes committed against pupils over five decades. St Paul’s is so prestigious it divided opinion like any other school. Here are some of the most important ways in which you can usefully help your daughter when preparing her for the St Paul’s interview: 1) She needs to understand that the interview is an opportunity for her to talk. 6) Some interviews involve talking about a short text which a child is given at the time. For information about managing cookies, click "Read More". It is a pity I did not find it earlier. Various providers offer this, and they can be found very easily through Google. The name might be misleading: this is nothing like a standard 11-plus English comprehension exam. The reason they are asking you these things now is that they want to find out about your thought process. I don’t work as a tutor any more, but most of the things I used to teach when I was a tutor and teacher are covered in my 11 Plus Lifeline materials, and (if you need extra resources) in my books of practice papers, because I offer example answers to everything and detailed walk-throughs of the skills needed for each question. I’d love to have your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to comment. The most important skill, however, can be summarised with a metaphor: Don’t stand on the edge of the lake, testing the water with your toes and wondering whether you fancy a swim. St. Paul’s School for Girls educates students in grades 5 through 12 in a community that feels like home, founded on principles of inclusion and compassion. A child is there because they have earned a place. There’s an application fee, which is set at £125 in 2018. Mums at St Paul's girls school- what do you think is the reason for the results being such a big step above all the other schools? Occasional Day: Fri 19 Nov. SPRING 2022. There may be a brief chemistry lesson, after which they need to explain what is likely to happen when a slightly different combination of substances meet. Half term: Mon 14 Feb – Fri 18 Feb They don’t just need to explain what is happening in the text: they need to set out why the author has chosen to use certain words; why they structure the text in they way they do; and so on. Places occasionally become available for Year 8 and Year 9. The following video shows how I mark students’ creative writing. Don’t push her to read something ‘high-brow’ in order to sound impressive. Samuel Phillips, founder our #10 expensive prep school, the Phillips Academy in Andover, graduated from here in 1771. The most extensive range of 11+ creative writing resources, with St Paul’s-style questions, marking guides, example answers and step-by-step discussions, is available through 11 Plus Lifeline. You aren’t the first person to ask for Henrietta Barnett advice, so I will make sure that it’s on my to-do list. A culture of “power, complicity and coercion” allowed endemic sexual abuse to flourish for decades at one of Britain’s leading public schools, an inquiry has found.St Paul’s School, in … A child only gets into a school like St Pauls because they have done very well. One squeezes out the other. Fri 3 Sep – Wed 15 Dec. Half term: Mon 18 Oct – Fri 29 Oct. I’ll need to do my research before saying anything definitive! Hi Aras. Some online practice nearer to the exam may also be prudent, so that children become familiar with the format of the test. Because sections A and B include reasonably typical (although unusually well written) 11+ material, I won’t say too much about them here: I cover this sort of preparation extensively in some of my other entrance exam and interview guides. She has chosen chemistry, biology, maths geography. Less surprising was the fact that four of their number were a famous public school quartet, three of them in London: St Paul's, its sister Girls School and Westminster; and Eton. Hi Robert, Would you give one to one sessions for 11 plus prep exam ? They should turn the interview into a discussion, not a list of questions and short answers. Are You Looking For Free 11+ Practice Papers & Advice? 2) Get her used to sitting confidently, with her feet on the floor and an open body posture. The exam has historically been broken into three sections. Thanks. I don’t tutor any more, so can’t help directly. What you should not do is teach your child a set of answers to likely questions. For one thing, the necessary score depends not only on the school, but on the quality and number of other applicants. Thank you. As we’ve already reported, the top 2 programs in the United States have standards that approach almost perfect. I’m sorry I can’t give the clear-cut answers you want, but I hope this helps. If the older students who showed them round seemed knowledgeable and kind, they should talk about this. “Cognitive testing” is quite a loose term, so it’s difficult to answer definitively. Every practice paper has full example solutions, with a detailed discussion and explanation for every question – like being taught by an excellent private tutor. I’ll discuss each section of the exam in turn. My son is preparing for pre-tests and using BOFA to get familiar with question types , time allocation etc . Videos 2 & 3 will reach you by email within a few days. Once a child feels confident, it’s usually quite simple to teach them to work within a time limit. What you should do is practise with your child, so that they are familiar with the interview environment and able to talk freely without clamming up. Despite its similarities, the SSAT is not related to the SAT Reasoning test and is not administered by the College Board. As the question develops, resist the temptation to start everything from scratch. One resource which might be useful is here: https://www.etoncollege.com/KSpapers.aspx. It also requires children to find the most relevant ideas in a large amount of text, explaining it clearly. There are a few important ideas which your child will need to get the hang of in order not to be intimidated by the last part of this maths exam. 4) A very common question asks about a recent book your child has read, or what they are reading at the moment. The St Paul’s comprehension exam (for others reading this) is different from an English exam: there are science questions, for example, where you have to interpret data and reach sensible conclusions. Therefore, although I don’t have any dedicated St Paul’s comprehension resources, you should find that my harder English comprehension papers provide good practice. The review published today (January 13) demands the school make an "unambiguous statement" that it accepts full responsibility for the abuse experienced by pupils at the school. Please note the below list shows the number of boys who chose St Paul’s as their destination schools, not all those who received an offer and declined it. After this, your son can only do his best! However, a more important point is that in an adaptive test (see the box in the article for an explanation of this term), marks are not distributed equally. Please note the below list shows the number of boys who chose St Paul’s as their destination schools, not all those who received an offer and declined it. I have written a lot more about creative writing practice in my articles for City of London School for Boys and Dulwich College. I know you don’t do tutor anymore but maybe you can advise some of your colleague? Schools usually say that children shouldn’t be prepared for interviews because teachers can always spot it and it works against the child. However, an intelligent reader will get used to assessing unfamiliar words based on their context, their different syllables, words which sound like them, and so on. For an independent opinion, please read this review of 11 Plus Lifeline. So, it was a really special day for girls on October 07 1908 when the brand new St Paul’s School was officially opened. At this stage parents need to decide whether they are interested in applying for a bursary and/or a music scholarship. I was wondering if you have practice papers for St. Paul’s girls school, comprehension exam. The name might be misleading: this is nothing like a standard 11-plus English comprehension exam. Boys entering St Paul’s Juniors at 8+ join the Upper First Year. Even if a question could be answered with one word, this doesn’t mean that it should be! Typically, the questions in this part of the exam present children with maths topics they will not have studied. In the early parts of a question, see whether you can directly apply the information given to you. You’ll be able to unsubscribe from my emails any time you like. By this, I don’t mean that your child should be sitting late into the night, hunched over biochemistry textbooks. As I haven’t tried the online practice tests on offer, I am reluctant to make recommendations here. If your child likes the atmosphere of the place, they should explain why. If you’d like further advice about DIY 11-plus preparation, my free video series gives some helpful pointers, and comes with an extensive set of free RSL practice papers, example answers and solutions: Watch your first free 11-plus video straight away.